Matte Painting: Oceanview

I was able to finish this personal Matte Painting before 2014 came to its end!
I started this one a while ago but I have been a bit busy at work and didn't have time to finish my personal stuff.
This time I tried to do something less stylized and nothing super fancy. The main goal was to create a photorealistic environment using lots of different images but making it look like it was shot as a single photograph.
Also this was a great chance to study some composition and lighting techniques.
I used only Photoshop as the main tool.

Got more projects piled up, hopefully I can finish some during the next year!

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A little break

Now that I took some time off from work I had the chance of practicing a bit. 
The first image  is just another color study from a real life picture I took.
The image below, is just a try-out of a technique Feng Zhu shows in one of his videos, where he mixes bunch of pictures almost randomly and creates those "mistakes" that already look like something cool. From there he paints and creates a beautiful piece.
In my case I never reached anything that looked like finished, but only the process of doing that was a lot of fun!


Matte Painting - Rocky Path

Another personal Matte Painting I did on my free time.
For this one I decided to keep things even more simple and used only photo elements and a little bit of hand painting techniques. The main purpose of this project was to practice a Day for Night conversion and apply a mood based on night scenes of films like "The Hobbit" with very saturated blue light a the dominant environment light and little warm accents caused by the fire in the ground. 
I didn't have any intention of adding statues, but browsing my visual library, I found a cool statue with a nice rim light that I felt it would integrate really well. It did, and I kinda liked it so I started adding more and more!!

Below you can find the original plate I shot and some references I grabbed before starting the painting.

Original Plate

And here is the Breakdown:

Matte Painting Rocky Path from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

I have more MP project started so as soon as I finish them I will post them.

Thanks for watching!


More Bots!

  About a year ago I was asked if I could work freelance on a robotic CG asset for a sci-fi short film. The model looked badass and it had a very elaborated rig which made possible to play with it and change it in several different poses.


My contribution to this cool buddy was to work on the textures and shaders based on provided pieces of concept art. I also render and comped a couple frames for my portfolio and for fun!

The best thing was that even though this project is done in a very amateur way (it's the director's side project that he is working on his spare time) and several different artists worked on this remotely from different places of the world, it felt somewhat more professional than most of the companies I worked on so far, and everything went nice and smooth.

The project is about to get done shortly, so I will post a link to the final film soon.


Matte Painting - Futuristic City

Here is one of my personal matte paintings I have managed to "finish" during my spare time.
I was planning to camera project the different layers, add a camera move and have animated elements to create an actual shot, but in the en decided to leave it as a simple still (lazy).

It was a fun project to work on. Below is a video showing the different layers and textures I used to finish the piece.

Matte Painting - Futuristic City from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

More matte painting projects will come eventually.
I hope you like them!

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Destroyed Bridge Matte Painting

Here is a breakdown of a Matte Painting I did after watching the movie "The Road"
It was mostly all done in Photoshop except for the main portion of the crumbled bridge, which was done in Maya and then painted over back in Photoshop.

And here is the breakdown.

Destroyed Bridge Matte painting from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

I have some other Matte Painting ideas at a WIP stage right now but, hopefully, if I get some extra time I'll be able to finish them. So expect more of this coming out soon!

I hope you like them!



I just found this website where you can upload 3D models and publish them in a very interactive way!
Cool thing is that I can copy the embedded code to share it right here in my blog.
Here is a quick test: