Matte Painting - Futuristic City

Here is one of my personal matte paintings I have managed to "finish" during my spare time.
I was planning to camera project the different layers, add a camera move and have animated elements to create an actual shot, but in the en decided to leave it as a simple still (lazy).

It was a fun project to work on. Below is a video showing the different layers and textures i used to finish de piece.

Matte Painting - Futuristic City from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

More matte painting projects will come eventually.
I hope you like them!

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Destroyed Bridge Matte Painting

Here is a breakdown of a Matte Painting I did after watching the movie "The Road"
It was mostly all done in Photoshop except for the main portion of the crumbled bridge, which was done in Maya and then painted over back in Photoshop.

And here is the breakdown.

Destroyed Bridge Matte painting from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

I have some other Matte Painting ideas at a WIP stage right now but, hopefully, if I get some extra time I'll be able to finish them. So expect more of this coming out soon!

I hope you like them!



I just found this website where you can upload 3D models and publish them in a very interactive way!
Cool thing is that I can copy the embedded code to share it right here in my blog.
Here is a quick test:



I was able to finish this robot during my spare time. Rendered with Mental Ray. I brought the render into Photoshop to add some effects like smoke, lights, flares, grain... did some color grading and that kind of stuff.

Here are some utility passes I render for extra control in post. They come in handy for minor tweaks!

I had more robotic ideas for images like that and some of them are actually halfway done, but finally I decided to drop many heheh. Anyway, I might post another 3D robot sometime in the future!

Hope you like my work.
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The Bots are coming!!

I had couple of weeks off and spent most of my free time preparing my next personal project.
Yes, it's going to be about robots!
The main goal for this project is to create several still images with some background plates I photographed and try to integrate some mechanical looking thing.
So it's all about integration: establish a nice lighting and try to create proper materials that seem to react correctly to the environment. But of course, I also work on other tasks like modeling and the final compositing and post effects which is always fun to do.

I have in mind 3 different models for the bots to work on, but so far this is all I got.

It's all pretty rough, straight snapshots from Maya's render viewport.
I'm not even worrying about calculating the shadows, AO or adding post effects. Just blocking the lights and checking how the CG looks against the plate.

I'll post the final renders and probably a "Making-off" about this project.
Let see how it comes...

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FACP: Halo UNSC Falcon Project

Halo UNSC Falcon 3D Render from Pedro Colmenares on Vimeo.

Finally, I am done with this project. I was working on 2 shots for this one but I decided to drop one of them. It was taking too much time due to a tight schedule. But it's been a lot of fun to work on this and I am happy with the results.

Here I have almost every single breakdown of the shot, from the original plate till the final render:

And here is the Digital Matte Painting and a screen cap I did of the projection of it inside Nuke's 3D space.

I had professionals of the VFX industry giving me some very good feedback when I requested it and that really helped me a lot, so I really want to say thank you to all of them, I really appreciate it :)

Thanks very much for visiting my blog.
I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did working on it.

New posts and projects coming soon!!


FACP: Backgrounds!

This days I am working on the backgorunds for the 2 shots I want to do for this project. At the beginning I was going to do just one (the one from the original concept) but I liked how the Falcon looks on top of the BG image I used for the previous post.

So I am adding som extensions to the original plate and then I'll project everything onto simple geometry to generate a slow camera movement pushing forward as the Falcon gets closer. I am still working on this, getting the buildings looking decent is very tricky to me. But it is a lot of fun!

Ans this one as you can see is still in a very early stage. But I like the few extensions I sketched so far. The idea is exactly the same as the other shot. I will project everything and move the camera forward and the helicopter will fly towards us.
Since the original plate in this shot is covered almost a 50% with water I have only the mid ground and back ground to add more stuff, so I decided to add a very close building on the left, which will eventually disappear as the camera moves forward, but will help me to create more depth. Unfortunately, I guess I'll have to go fully CG with that one.

Still a bunch of work to do and not so much free time, but I think this project can look cool at the end. So let's not stop!

Thanks for coming by!